I’m Aaron Nusbaum. Art is my passion. I grew up enjoying art. It is very important for my life. I couldn’t live without being able to imagine and create art. I love looking at and collecting artwork. I don’t have a favorite artist. There are just too many great and amazing artist in the world to pick a single one.

I enjoy to drawing, painting, designing and inventing. I enjoy doing work the old fashioned way, by hand, as well as computer design. A lot of my skills are self-taught, driven by my lifelong passion. However, I’ve also learned a lot in my studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I create art for the future because I want able to make art that everyone can enjoy. My work is not only about me and it is about everyone. Making people happy through my artwork is important to me. One quote that really inspires me is, “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” ~ Salvador Dali.